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Download the testversion

Here, you find the free testversion the Favoritesmanager URLsave to the Download. The english testversion can administer up to 70 URL. Corresponds to you the fullversion otherwise.
The testversion should give you the possibility to try out the program before the purchase.
If you are confident, that that URLsave finally order and clearness into your URL collection will bring and surfing more certainly does, then you order the fullversion, in which you can administer at will many URLS.


It is the files from one of the blue fields to downloading sufficiently!

Whoever uses Windows 2000,XP, 7 or new her needs only the 3,7 MB for downloading.
Whoever uses Windows 95 or 98, the requires another couple of systemfiles more. Therefore, the Download includes 11 MB for these system.

Volle Möwen
"Volle" Möwen

  Download URLsave 2.85
WIN 2000,XP,2003,Vista,7,8,10

URLsetupW2k.exe Download3,7 MB

 Download URLsave 2.85
WIN 95/98 and newer

URLsetup.exe 11,7 MB

The English translation is today in the betastage. The documentation is therefore in German available only. If you want to help the translation with the improvements, then mail me please at I would be pleased very happy about it.

 Download URLsave 2.85
WIN 2000,XP,2003,Vista,7,8,10

URLsetupW2k_en.exeDownload3,7 MB


Do you have URLsave already installs and wants update to the newer testversion merely?
Then, it is the changed program file to downloaden sufficiently. Replace the "URLsave.exe" and the "URLHelp.CHM" with the in each case newer file. FAQ Question 2

  Update URLsave 2.85 deutsch
all WIN systems Download0,7 MB

  Update URLsave 2.85 englisch
all WIN systems Download0,3 MB
Halbe Möwe
"Halbe" Möwe